illustrations by masasei


illustrator & designer.

currently writing and drawing my original comic projectAVIAEN while getting majorly sidetracked by drawing fanart.


hi, i'm masa.

illustrator & designer.

currently writing and drawing my original comic projectAVIAEN while sidetracked by fanart.

Surface Pro 6 + CSP

TKRB • BunAl • Hypmic • Twst • etc.

mobage friend codes
hypmic ARB - 99k9v3x6dfqh
twisted wonderland - DHXUTGp6


status: closed

terms & conditions

OC / fanart ok
Up for drawing anything, just ask!
Will charge more for complexity and/or backgrounds
Feel free to contact me anytime regarding updates with commissions

additional notes

Paypal only
Invoice will be sent after sketch is confirmed
No refunds if piece is already started
For personal use only
Turnaround time varies from 1-4 weeks

Colored sketch headshot

$45 USD

Clean sketch lines, simple shading, no background


1 open
2 closed
3 closed

2014 Amaranth - Mink Calendar CollaborationIllustration & Bonuses
2015Equinox - Minao Anthology CollaborationCover art & insert illustration
2015 Kyoudai SoloIllustrations
2015 Boxes Collaboration3 Illustrations
2015 Ookii kedo daijoubu! - Oodachi AnthologySolo + Featured artistsComics & Illustrations
2015 Oomake SoloSketch Zine
2015 Mukimuki Project Collaboration2 illustrations
2015 78 - Nagahachi log SoloIllustrations & comics
2016 MiyabiSoloIllustration zine
2016 Touken Ranbu Cafe Collaboration Illustration
2016 Sumi SoloInktober zine
2017 Touken Ranboo CollaborationSide B cover illustration
2017 Messenger SoloMini comic
2018 Reflect - Toumyu Zine CollaborationCover design, insert illustration, bonus clear file illustration
2018 White Lily - Nagahachi anthology Collaboration (CHN)Insert illustration accompanying fic
2018 Lead the way Solo (EN/JP)Doujinshi
2019 Tsubaki - Kanesan Zine CollaborationCover design, illustration, bonuses
2019 Radiance - Hachisuka ZineCollaborationCover design, illustrations, bonuses
2019 Messenger Solo (EN/JP)Doujinshi
2019 Metamorphose Solo (JP)Doujinshi
Lead the way